4/6/19 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Building Muscle/Burning Fat After 40 While (Dumbbell Workout)

Funk Roberts takes you through a dumbbell workout designed for men over the age of 40 to increase testosterone and growth hormones while burning calories…build muscle while you shred fat.

Building Muscle After 40 While Burning Fat (Dumbbell Workout)

8 Principles To Building The Ultimate Test Boosting Workout For Men Over 40

From this, I’ve created some guiding principles to developing the ultimate testosterone boosting workout. These include:

1. Make it a total body workout. You want to do three total body workouts per week, hitting the entire body every session.

2. Add resistance. This is key. If you don’t add some type of external weight, the chances of you boosting testosterone will be low. As great as I think bodyweight exercises can be at times, they are not ideal in this situation.

3. Move from exercise to exercise quickly. This will help you boost your metabolism so that you can burn more energy for up to 24 hours after the workout session is completed.

4. Use multi-joint and compound exercises. These are the moves that will work the greatest number of muscles at once and help you get in and out of the gym quickly. They’re also the best exercises for helping you gain larger amounts of strength as well.

5. Use Circuit Training Wisely. Use circuits, moving from one exercise to the next so that your workouts never last longer than 20-30 minutes in length. You should never be resting more than one minute between sets during a given workout.

6. Keep equipment to a minimum. There’s no need for fancy machines. All you need is a simple set of dumbbells to get the job done correctly.

7. Allow for 48 hours of rest between each workout. Remember that your body doesn’t recover as well as it used to so leave that extra time for recovery. This will ensure that you are never verging on overtraining – and a decrease in testosterone. On these rest days, feel free to add yoga or another low impact activity.

8. Vary your exercises. Keep things interesting by changing your exercises around from week to week. Not only will this prevent workout related boredom, but it’ll also ensure that your body keeps responding to the work that you are doing.

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