9/1/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: 5 Minute Lower Ab Workout (No Equipment)

Join personal trainer Bully Juice in this quick intermediate lower ab workout that requires no gym or equipment.  Continue reading

6/29/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: Ulisses’ Home Core Workout With Bands

“Using a set of bands for resistance, this is an INTERMEDIATE Home Core workout for you guys – slightly more advanced than the bodyweight home core workout you’ve been following”.- Ulisses Williams Jr. Continue reading

6/26/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: 11 Simple Steps To Lose Love Handles

11 simple steps to help you get rid of your love handles, burn fat, and lose weight. There is no need to follow a diet that makes you miserable just to lose some of that side fat commonly referred to as a muffin top. Continue reading

6/22/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs – The 10 Best Tips and Chest Exercises

“I often get asked how I got ride of my man boobs.  Getting rid of the boob shape comes down to a few things: 1. Lowering body fat percentage, 2. building and 3. conditioning the pec muscle.”– Brix Fitness
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5/29/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: Ulisses’ 10 Abs & Core Exercises For Beginners

“I’m always being asked how to develop Abs and Core. So if you’re starting your fitness journey, here are my Top Ten most effective exercises for building Abs and Core”- Master trainer and physique model Ulisses. Continue reading

5/25/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: 10 Minute Standing No Equipment Abs Workout

Personal trainer Bully Juice takes you through the paces with his 10 Minute Standing No Equipment Abs Workout.
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5/20/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: Shaun T’s Plank & Push-Up Burnout Challenge

Television fitness guru Shaun T offer a Plank and Push-up Burnout Challenge- burn baby, burn! Continue reading

5/15/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: 10 Minute In Jump Rope Workout- Torch Calories Fast!

Join master trainer Simeon Panda in a 10 minute jump rope workout guaranteed to torch calories super fast! Continue reading


Master trainer and physique model Simeon Panda takes you through a at home leg workout guaranteed to keep the “giggle” out of your thighs. Continue reading