8/8/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: 10 Essential Movements For Mobility/ Flexibility

Master trainer and physique model Ulisses Williams Jr. shares 10 movements to increase mobility and flexibility- try these before your workout. Continue reading

6/29/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: Ulisses’ Home Core Workout With Bands

“Using a set of bands for resistance, this is an INTERMEDIATE Home Core workout for you guys – slightly more advanced than the bodyweight home core workout you’ve been following”.- Ulisses Williams Jr. Continue reading

6/2/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: Ulisses’ Home Chest Workout- No Gym Needed

“Even without a gym, you can still get an incredible chest pump by working out at home. Here are my best home chest exercises to make sure you hit the chest from all angles, and keep those chest gains coming. “- Ulisses Williams Jr. 
Continue reading

5/21/19 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS WITH SIMEON PANDA: Massive Bench Press-Simeon Panda & Ulisses Williams jr

Fitness model and master trainer Simeon Panda and colleague and friend Ulisses Williams jr. blasts pectoral muscle then pose.  Continue reading

7/5/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Ulisses Williams Jr.- Chest Pump

Ulisses Williams Jr, Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Bodybuilding and Composition Coach, and Director of Personal Training, shares his impressive chest workout.  Continue reading