9/5/17 O&A NYC TUESDAY WORKOUT-HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Nelly’s Workout- Celebrity Sweat

The rapper Nelly has a good muscular physique, but don’t ever think that Nelly got this spectacular “lean muscular body” by accident. 

Nelly- Celebrity Sweat

If you are a beginner, you may get good benefits from a full body routine where you train your entire body each day that you workout. But when you build up some significant muscle mass, you would need to start emphasizing on separate muscle groups each workout by training on a split routine.

Nelly’s Workout Split is usually 5 days a week, but when he is busy he may reduce it to 2-3 days a week. Here is what it looks like.

  • Monday: triceps
  • Tuesday: back and shoulders
  • Wednesday: biceps/legs
  • Thursday: chest using a bench press
  • Friday: start over with triceps.

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